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Phyxle Vago Venom

Vago Venom

World wide surveys have shown that snakes are the most disliked animals in the world. Since we know very little about them, snakes are in general misunderstood and feared by many. Many around the world believe that all snakes are venomous and their bite can kill a human being which is, however not true. There are 294 species of snakes in the world and 96 are found in Sri Lanka. Out of which, 50 species are endemic to our island, Sri Lanka. There are 13 species of sea snakes and 10 species of blind snakes in Sri Lanka. Some snakes are found in all parts of the country from the surrounding seas to the highest point in Sri Lanka- Horton Plains. Some snakes are confined to specific geographic and climatic locations.

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    Bee Green Exports (Pvt) Ltd
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    Web Design & Development
  • Date:
    19 October 2021
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